Annual dental checkup

Annual dental check-up, a must for your horse!

We regularly see horses at our clinic where dental issues are the cause of weight loss and eating problems. To prevent this, an annual dental check-up is essential.

The most common problems include points (sharp enamel points), caries (known as ‘cavities’ in humans), tooth fractures, and diastema (gaps between two teeth where food can become trapped).

We always use sedation to perform the examination as accurately as possible. This is important to ensure proper care of the back teeth. First, the mouth is rinsed with water to remove all food remnants. Then, a mouth speculum is inserted, allowing us to open the mouth wide for a clear view of all teeth.

To examine all tooth surfaces, we use a mirror. We also check for any wounds in the mouth’s lining, which can be caused by sharp points on the teeth. Sharp tooth points are removed using an electric file. Once the points are gone, the mouth’s lining will quickly heal, providing the horse with more comfort during riding.

For young horses, it’s always advisable to have their teeth examined before starting the training process. Wolf teeth can cause pain when accepting the bit, leading to negative associations.

You can always turn to us for a routine dental check-up or for specific issues such as tooth fractures. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment!