Want to follow your internship at Equinox?

We offer an exciting and challenging internship for a 1 year period. You will function within the team of experienced vets, and get the opportunity to learn and practice veterinarian skills within the framework of a specialised clinic.

If you want to qualify for this position you should have a master in veterinarian medicine with a specialisation in horses. You are an enthusiastic team player who is driven and not afraid to work hard. We expect you to be comfortable around horses.

You can always contact us for further information. If you want to apply for a position we advise you to contact us by e-mail, guided by your CV and a motivational letter. All candidates will be considered and replied to.

When you are not familiar with our clinic yet, we always expect you to do a few voluntarily training days to get to know each other.

We often welcome veterinarians from abroad for a longer period of time.

+32 3 303 95 69