Dear horse owners,
In view of the current situation regarding Rhinopneumonia (EHV1), we would like to ask you to be alert and to take measures.
• Try to avoid direct contact with other horses.
• Keep groups of pregnant mares, young horses and sporthorses separated from eachother.
• If your horse develops a fever (> 38.3 ° C), contact your veterinarian immediately and do not move your horse.
The situation is extremely serious for the stables involved. Our minds and hearts are with them. We count on these stables to take their responsibility and go into quarantine. If your stable is affected, you can contact us for guidance.
As a horse clinic we will also take our measures. We would like to ask our clients to check the temperature of the incoming horses the day before and the day of the appointment. The temperature of all horses and incoming horses in the clinic is also checked daily. If your horse has a fever, we ask you to reschedule your appointment and contact your local veterinarian.
We recommend that you vaccinate your horses regularly. Vaccinated horses have a good resistance to the Equine Herpes virus. They will be better protected against infection and less likely to infect other horses. If we only vaccinate during an outbreak, then we are too late.
🙏 Stay safe and keep your horses safe!
Team Equinox
📸 by Zoetis