Tuur Vangroenweghe


Tuur Vangroenweghe graduated in 2007 as a Master in Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ghent. At first, Tuur worked in the field as a first-line veterinarian for large animals.

After 2 years of working in the field, Tuur decided to switch his career and start to work at a clinic infrastructure. Shortly after, he and Stefan De Keersmaecker took over the horse department at Animal Clinic De Venhei in Kasterlee. This worked out so well that they decided to build a brand new high-end clinic infrastructure completely focused on horses.

Tuur is a multidisciplinary professional. Internal medicine, especially gastroenterology, cardiology, and neurology, but also ophthalmology, abdominal surgery, and osteosynthesis have his biggest interest.

Tuur grew up in the western Flemish village of Moorslede. After graduating, he moved to Kasterlee in Antwerp. As a fervent scientist, he spends most of his free time studying exact and engineering sciences.

Stefan De Keersmaecker


Stefan De Keersmaecker graduated as a veterinarian in 1987 at the University of Ghent. For one year, he kept working here as an assistant in the department of internal medicine for large animals.

After working in several clinics abroad (Ireland: The Curragh, Australia: Scone, and the United Kingdom: Guildford) and in Belgium (De Morette and Equinia), he started working as a second-in-line vet for several veterinary centers.

Stefan is responsible for all of the frequent operations on horses (orthopedic and soft tissue surgery). His special interest lies within throat operations such as cornage, IDDSP, and arthroscopies of all joints.

Stefan is married and has 2 sons. He rides western with his Quarter horses.

Lisa Stephany


Lisa Stephany graduated in 2018 with great distinction as a veterinarian for horses at the University of Ghent. After graduating, she immediately started an equine internship here at Equinox in Kasterlee. After a successful internship, Lisa continued working for our clinic.

However, while she likes to keep her professional activities as wide as possible, her main interests are internal medicine with a focus on neonatology and nutrition.

Lisa grew up in Antwerp and has been active in the horse industry since she was a child. Her free time is mostly spent riding and taking care of her own horse.


Marie Verheyden graduated with honors at the University of Ghent in 2019. After graduating, she immediately started her equine internship at Equinox. After successfully completing this one-year internship, she became one of the regular team members here at Equinox.

Marie enjoys all aspects of horse medicine. Here at Equinox, she mainly focuses on internal medicine and neonatology.

Ever since she was a child, Marie has been a genuine animal lover with a special passion for horses. You will always find Marie accompanied by Pipa & Paulette, her two dachshunds. In her free time, she enjoys reining.


Eline Van de Water graduated in 2013 with great distinction as a veterinarian for horses at the University of Ghent, with a special interest in orthopedics. The following years, she dedicated herself fully to orthopedic studies while working in the Faculty of Animal Medicine in Ghent. In 2021, she successfully completed her doctoral study on the use of oral joint supplements for horses.

Since early 2020, Eline has been a part of our team, mainly focusing on orthopedics. Eline has always been active as a jumping rider. Now that her horse has retired, she mainly spends her free time with her kids and their Shetland pony.


Stien Holemans graduated from Ghent University in with greatest distinction 2022. Following her graduation, she embarked on a year-long internship at our clinic. During this period, she gained comprehensive insights into the functioning of our clinic. We are delighted that Stien has become a part of our team after completing her internship.

Stien holds a special interest in orthopedics and is also involved in conducting orthopedic examinations at Equinox. Additionally, she is deployed for emergency services.

In her free time, she enjoys participating in show jumping with her horse named No Limit.


Lena Boeckx graduated from Ghent University with great distinction in 2021. After gaining initial work experience abroad, she is now ready to join our clinic team. Her fresh perspective and modern knowledge will be a valuable addition to our team.

Lena actively participates in daily consultations and is also involved in emergency services.

Outside of her work commitments, she enjoys spending her free time with her own horse, Vamos.



Babeau Dufraing graduated with honors from Ghent University in 2023. Currently, Babeau is participating in an intensive year-long internship at our clinic. Her responsibilities include the daily care of the horses, assisting in anesthesia during surgeries, and administering medication. As an intern, Babeau is also a valuable support during weekend and night shifts.

Supporting personel

Anne Marie

Ever since the opening of the new clinic in 2018, Anne-Marie started working at the Equinox office. After being a client for a very long time, she got to help build the administration of the clinic and maintain the human resources. She mainly focuses on the financial administration of the clinic. Besides that, you can also find her at the reception or on the phone. Anne-Marie has always had her own business, which has given her a lot of experience and information on HR and administration.

She likes to spend her free time supporting and helping her two kids, who are both very active in the horse world.


Danny works behind the scenes at Equinox as a stable employee and handyman. Danny ensures that the clinic site is tidy and clean. He also helps with the maintenance of the building and the site.


Erik started working at Equinox in 2018 as a veterinary assistant. He is responsible for the daily care of the hospitalized horses, and he also assists with consultations and surgeries.

Even after his work here at the clinic, you will find Erik accompanied by horses. Together with his partner Gert, he owns a dressage stable where they train their own horses and horses for owners. He also provides dressage lessons. Besides the horses, Erik and Gert also own two cute French Bulldogs named Irma and Jeanneke.


Hilde works as a stable employee here at Equinox. As we are open 24/7, Hilde mostly works on weekends and is responsible for mucking out the stables and feeding the horses.


Ines is one of our stable employees at the clinic. She helps with cleaning the stalls and makes sure everything is tidy and clean.

In her free time Ines likes to go bike riding, mountain biking as well as with a road bike.


Inge works at the office and reception here at Equinox. She fills in the medical records of the patients and ensures you receive a warm welcome at the reception as well as on the phone.

Besides that, she likes to work in the garden, do crafts like knitting and sewing, enjoys reading a book, and spends time with her German Shepherd, Oxy.


Kelly works in the administration of Equinox since November 2021. You can find her at the phone or reception, where she will give you a warm welcome.

Besides working at Equinox, Kelly also works as a freelance photographer, mainly focusing on social photography and horse photography. Her remaining free time she likes to spend with her horse, Lex.


Ulla has been a loyal member of the Equinox team throughout the years. She witnessed the evolution of the clinic from its inception at the first location to the new specialized horse clinic. As a veterinary assistant, Ulla helps manage the daily operations of the clinic. This includes managing the stock, assisting with operations, and taking care of the hospitalized horses.

Horses and dogs often go hand in hand, and this also applies to Ulla. Besides her own horses, she also owns two Border Collies named Lucky and Neela. Ulla is also a qualified canine dog behavior therapist and instructor.



Fanny graduated as an equine vet at the university of Ghent in 1994. We work together with Fanny for, among other things, acupuncture and dry needling.


Johan Verhulpen is a professional orthopaedic farrier. We often work with specialised farriers for specific treatments of hoofs.


It is with great sadness that we announce that our highly esteemed colleague Danny Valgaeren, an orthopaedic farrier associated with Equinox, has passed away suddenly. An undeniable talent in his field and a great colleague to work with.

Danny was a fantastic farrier and had an eye for every detail. He was known for his patience, precision and passion for his work. Danny was much loved by colleagues and customers because of his genuine interest in the welfare of their horses.

We will miss Danny greatly and will always remember his kindness, modesty and professionalism. Our thoughts are with his partner, family and friends during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Danny. We will never forget you.