DAP Equinox CVBA was founded on 21/12/2011. At first the clinic had it’s facility under the roof of Animal Clinic The Venhei. Now the clinic has developed and opened a brand new specialised horse clinic in a new high end infrastructure.

Within this infrastructure we are able to focus completely on health care and surgery’s for horses. The clinic has several intensive care boxes, and besides that a brand new stable complex which can house up to 20 horses.

In the research areas we have all kinds of equipment including X-Ray machines, gastroscopy equipment, ultrasounds,.. to fully examinate the horse.

Besides all that we also have a hard and a sand based lunging circle to do lameness or purchase examinations.

At Equinox we choose to work in an ecological and ethical way. We make sure to pay extra attention to our waste deposit and recycling. Above that we also support some humanity projects on a regular basis, like Memisa or Vet’s without borders.